Where Do I Start From ?

Where Do I Start From ? read More here…

As the breadwinner of your house that is  trying to survive… Sometimes the question : Where do I start from ? Where in this whole big world do I start from? rings in your mind.

Sometimes in life, we are pressured by circumstances of life and everything looks and becomes difficult. Nothing seem to be working. No money, heart break, unemployment issue etc. And then, you ask yourself this question: Where do I start from? Who do I tell my story. Is there really anyone who can understand me and help me out? At such times, life seem to be like a puzzle ; with the kids school fees and other outstanding bills pending.

The question where do I start from becomes strong like a close friend. Well, Start From Where You Are And Make A Change. This might sound a little impossible but it is the truth. For no one is perfect and there is no perfect day or time to begin your journey of greatness. The journey to a good life is a journey of faith. That is why I say:

 Where Do I Start From

Start From Where You Are And Make A Change.

Your journey to success could have trials and challenges. Your family might have rejected you. Friends might have even abandoned  you because they thought you have nothing to offer to them anymore.

Where Do I Start From ?

The world become so big and hope is lost. “Where do I start from” becomes the question of the day. Listen dear friend; don’t allow the pressures you feel to weigh you down. There is no hope for the hopeless man but the man with just a “little hope” will stand tall again.

Where do I start from? Start From Where You Are And Make A Change. Start from your “mind”. Dust off the failures and disappointment(s). Even if no one loves you, love yourself.

Reprogram your mind for better days ahead. You were never born a failure in life. Listen, every good things of life begins from the mind. If you fail in your mind, you will certainly fail in life. Conquer your thoughts to produce greatness. Think of those things that makes you happy and start doing them. Be happy and tell yourself ” things will surely get better”.

Start from where you are and make a change ;

 Always remember you are the best.

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