The strength of a mother. When we talk about a mother , we talk about a general care giver. A mother so full of compassion for those in her circle especially her children. She works very hard to see the welfare of everyone. She is always the last to go to bed yet the very first to wake up .


Even when she is not feeling so well and lie down to catch some rest, the kids will give her no space; mummy mummy they will call her even pulling her hands urging her to  get up. With smiles on her face , she will standup and refuse to lie down again because she has children to cater for.

The strength of a mother can never be over emphasize. She endures the pains she feels just to take care of her loved ones. Even when she is tired and feeling sleepy, it is hard to sleep because she needs to be awake to watch the kids. No one pays her for the hard job she’s doing but she never complain. Rather, she is more determined to put in all her best to do more. She cleans the house, cook the food , wash the dishes…….oh what a strength.


A mother is more than a GIRL ; she is a WOMAN with great understanding. She does everything almost at the same time. She is very calculative. She is in the kitchen cooking but her eyes, ears and heart are with her kids. She listen to the door bell yet, her ears hears it when the phone rings.

She thinks and plan ahead. She pray and bless her kids and those in her house even while they sleep.

Mothers, indeed you are blessed of God. She is never selfish. She is a woman but she functions with the strength of a man. She is too industrious yet, she is learning a new skill. She is a Mother but she does the work of a Doctor and Teacher. God is indeed your strength. The book of a mother is a book without end. God Almighty please bless every mother. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for today’s post. You just reminded me how my mother was always there for me. Indeed, mothers are a rare gem. May God bless all mothers.

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