Signs He’s Not The One To Marry In This Year 2017

Signs He’s Not The One To Marry

Is there really anything like Mr. Right ? Just maybe in your new year resolution this year 2017, you have plans to settle down in life. I need this article, I carefully pin point some useful tips to help you not to waste your time in a no going anywhere relationship.

Signs He’s Not The One To Marry

Signs He's Not The One To Marry


How do you know when you meet that one very person in your life? Is he really the one you want to marry?

SIGNS YOU’VE MET THE ONE : Marriage is like a very well wrapped package; of which the content is not known until it is opened.

Often times, I hear things like I just knew he / she is the one from the very first time I set my eyes on…

Well, it may be true, it might have worked out for some people in that way but really, I believe it takes the grace of God to REALLY see that one person and know especially on first sight.

Sometimes, we see all that we need in a person the so called Mr Right …love at first sight. Only to get closer or get in and begin to see something else.

Marriage is not a child’s play. It is far far far more than just walking hand in hand to the park or taking a walk. It is a serious thing that should be taken seriously from the very beginning.

Bearing in mind, there is nothing called “A 100% perfect marriage ” but it can be worked out to something close to that through prayer and great understanding. Somehow, the signs you’ve met the one will begin to unfold.

So, instead of waiting forever for that so called Mr. Right/ Mrs. Right; you can settle with someone you think is ” compatible”. And help mould each other to close to what you wished for.

HERE ARE FEW Signs He’s Not The One To Marry & SIGNS YOU’VE MET THE ONE.

Listen to the sound of your heart; do you really like this person? are you excited about him?

Does he find fault anytime you are together? Complaining at every thing you didn’t do right? Telling you how too fat or too thin you are. Hmmm, be careful because this is one early sign that show there might be bigger trouble in the future. If he is the one he won’t find senseless fault in you. He will love even the mistake you made.
If he is the one, you will get to know from the way his friends and family members address you.

Do you feel so special of yourself each time you are with this one person?
Is he always demanding for sex each time he see you and when he’s satisfied, he dumps you like a piece of garbage.

Are you free to be yourself each time you are with this person? If you can’t really express yourself , if you can’t be you when you are with this person, then , something is not so right.

Has there been improvement in your life since you met this one person?
Can you see yourself having a future with this one person?
Look straight deed in to his eyes ; what can you see? Do you see yourself in his lone term plan


Sometimes, everything looks perfect until you are in and then things starts to unfold. That is why you really need to pray and ask God for the grace to bring or take you to the right person. Ask for the grace to give you the signs that you’ve met the one. It is better to get it right now because once you are married, there is no going back unless you want to divorce. So, act smart now and ask God to bless you ad help you.

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Signs He’s Not The One To Marry… written by chichi


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