Self Development Goals

Setting Self Development Goals In Life Will Challenge You To Be The Best… ” Tough Times don’t last but Tough people do.

I wanted success so badly in life and I did all I could to be successful but nothing seemed to be working. Things went from bad to worse; then … worst. Almost everything I did failed me ; until I found myself in challenging and tough times.

I cried my eyes out because I am not happy with the way things were going in my life. I cried because I know I have done my best just to succeed in life; yet I haven’t. I cried because I know I am not a failure even though things are yet to work out for me.

Yes, I know things are tough but I got to be strong. Things are already tough, so I have nothing to loose. I need to be strong because if I give up, things can’t get better. I need to strong, I need to be tough because life itself is tough.

Tough Times they say don’t last but tough people do; I really do love this saying and it motivates me a lot to keep forging ahead in life. 

Then I remember the strory of creation when God created everything, they look so beautiful and God was so pleased with all that he has done. That means the original me was designed by God for a good life.

The moment I remembered this, great strength came in me. The strength to be strong; the strength to be tough in life. The strength to set self development goals that will take me to the next level of my life.

self development goals

I need to be tough in life because God’s desire for me is to have a good life. I need to start living and not just existing. I need to be tough to conquer every day challenge and enjoy all good things of life. I need to be tough in life because I know…

I need to be tough and set self development goals because I know that when you are tough, you won’t just remain at the mercy of life but every thing about you will step up for good.

When you step up in your life, everything around you will take a new turn and people will notice you ; you will begin to live the original life that God designed for you.

When you move to a higher life, you will attract to the right class of friendship and you will start to succeed in all you do. People will begin to respect and trust you the more and greater responsibilities will be given to you.

When you step up in life, you will become the very best of you and you will begin to enjoy your life.

4 Self Development Goals That Will Motivate You…

  1.  Work hard everyday.
  2. Try something new.
  3.  Challenged yourself everyday to outdo your past.
  4. Dont waste your time with people that will not add value to you.

You really need to take charge of your life and set self development goals because when you do, you will be happy with yourself and you will be living a fulfilling life.

When things becomes tough; don’t be afraid… rather, give yourself a high target by setting a high self development goals for success.

Tough time are not there to drain you rather, tough times are there to build you up and help you step up in life . Learn to be TOUGH.

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Self development goals … written by Chichi

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