Personality Differences And Advice For Women

Personality Differences And Advice For Women? One of the best marriage advice for a woman before marriage is to get a life. Your life is not ordinary for God created you for a reason; he created you to be somebody . He created you for a reason not live a beggarly life but to live as a king here on earth. Be you a male or female, your life is with a great purpose.

Personality Differences: A good relationship advice for women : this helps us to know that being single does not mean you are foolish. It doesn’t mean you are not beautiful enough for a man to notice you.

Some times, God allows a delay in a relationship / marriage so as to bring out the very best in you.

Personality Differences And Advice For Women

  1. Don’t get married because you are looking for someone to help take care of your bills or help or pay off the dept of your family.
  2. Don’t get married because you are so frustrated , desperate , under pressure or because all your mates are married and you are the only one left… a thousand times no; we don’t marry for a reason as this.
  3. Marriage is not a thing of completion. It is not for children but for lovers ; mentally and age wise matured.

Personality Differences

If you rushed into marriage unprepared, it will not take long, you will rushed out it.  If you get into marriage without a plan for you life, sometimes , it will be difficult to stand on your feet especially when the kids starts coming. It becomes a divided attention .

Sometimes, some ladies act so desperate thinking that marriage is the solution to the issues of life. When you know your self-worth, you will never act desperate in life. Your time of waiting for your partner becomes the time you build on your career .

Marriage is sweeter when two great mentally  matured people come together . There are lots of responsibilities in marriage and if one enters it unprepared , this is what brings boredom that leads to frustration .

In this marriage advice for women, it would be best to know that if things are not done properly that is if the ball is not set rolling early enough, one might not be able to do much especially in the early stage when the kids starts coming.

Enjoy your waiting time. Develop your skills, career , get a job, get a life for yourself , be happy with yourself become an independent woman, you need to find a way to become one. Dont allow yourself to depend  completely on your husband . Give me money for toothbrush, toothpaste , comb…

Not that you won’t depend on him for something; it is sweeter when you have yours. So darling , let your waiting time be a time of prayer and preparation. Enjoy your time as a single person and get a lasting life for yourself. Get a life.  God bless you.


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