Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Overcoming Obstacles In Life Against All Odds…Is there any such thing as an accidental birth? Yes, No? We all know when a woman is pregnant, she inevitably has to give birth to the baby. What about such thing as an accidental pregnancy? Well, some school of thoughts would have us believe that some pregnancies were not planned –so it happened by accident.

But you and I know that when a man and a woman have intercourse at such a time when the woman is in her peak of being fertile, and that if the man ejaculates in her, the consequence could be the creation of a new life. Unless of course we are saying that even when a woman does not have intercourse with a man, she could still get pregnant. Then this of course would liken such a woman to the Biblical virgin Mary.

What am I trying to explain here? Life is never a chanced thing; or put in another way, life is not as a result of accident. And why is it important you know this? Some experience of life had left many thinking that they did not deserve to be here –to share this space of human community called earth. Many got overwhelmed by frustration and took drastic measures which put their lives in jeopardy. But who is to blame when things don’t go right in our lives?


Much of our personalities were formed at very young age: the way we were trained, the people who influenced us, the experiences we had, and maybe of course our genetical makeup. All of these goes to determine the adult we end up becoming. Do you know that some people had wonderful childhood experiences and they ended up becoming confident about themselves, and consequently succeeding at whatever they set out to do?

Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Well, the story is not the same for most of us. Many of us didn’t have the luxury of being celebrated as children, and in later years we still struggle to accept ourselves lovingly and without any form of criticism and condemnation. And it seems as if the whole world sees through us — that we are never-do-wells.

If this is the case with you, then you need to know this: you don’t have to feel guilty for such a time when you didn’t have control over what you did. At that time while you were still a child, someone else was responsible for you. And if they didn’t carry out their role properly, then it is their fault. You are only responsible for a time like now that you are an adult and understand right from wrong.

Overcoming Obstacles In Life

Yes, when we have character problems that are causing us emotional pain and has been the case for years, it is never easy to call them quit or find a quick fix. But one thing is certain: we could decide to arrest the cause of the problem, or just let it be. And one of such ways to arrest the problem is to begin to have a positive outlook to life and to ourselves; to celebrate who we are.

Don’t get me wrong. No one says this would be easy either; that is why I titled this as Overcoming Obstacles In Life .  But lets start somewhere. Having a healthy self esteem is key to success and a happy life. In a nutshell,  Overcoming Obstacles In Life Is the key to a healthy self esteem. For this to happen, you have to be a deliberate thinker and action taker. Nothing is left to chance. So if your life is not going as you wished –especially if that wish is positive –it is up to you to put it on the right track. For this reason, do not allow your faulty upbringing decide who you become. Instead, design the road map to your future, and practically take the steps. The world waiting to see you make that positive mark.

Overcoming Obstacles In Life … written by Gloria Okezie-Okafor.

You too can overcome obstacles in life.

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