Nigerians In Japan: More Photos On Children’s Day Celebration

Nigerians In Japan came out in colors and style to celebrate the children of our great nation. Hurray, it’s our children’s day celebration.

Everyone present was indeed in a great celebration mood and there were lots to eat  and drink .

Nigerians In Japan

The Nigerians in Japan had great fun indeed.  As well as great displayed of her rich cultural heritage. The rich culture that gives hope to the depressed. Various traditional and cultural  activities were displayed to grace the occasion.

Men, women and kids were all filled with laughter.


We are a great nation indeed. And to this, I say, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, God bless Japan and God bless the Nigeria citizens in Japan Amen.

Here are more Photos From Nigerian children’s day celebration  in Japan . Enjoy the colorful pictures from the occasion.

Nigerians in Japan

.Nigerians in JapanNigerians in Japan

Nigerians in Japan

Nigerians in Japan

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Nigerians in Japan


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