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There are great lessons in this book for all to learn. This book will make you cry. It will make you laugh. It will make you to ask yourself so many questions of life. The story will challenge you. It will make you to know that no one else is responsible for your life but you yourself. This is the story of a self-made billionaire. This book is full of suspense. It will challenge you to start flourishing in life. It is one book you will never want to drop. Enjoy…

Chidera was born out of wedlock, her mother hated her at birth. But who can accurately predict the life of a child? “No body”. She struggled through life and everything seemed to be working against her. She was denied completely the opportunity of continuing in the only thing she loves doing due to the cultural belief of the tribe she originated from.

Life is jagged. Completely disowned by society as well, will the sun shine again?
Committing succide was the only option available for hope was gone.
Suddenly, fate reunited her with long time friend Michael. But hell was let loose when Michael’s mother discovered the problem Chidera was having. She was sent out of her matrimonial home. Now, hope was completely gone.
Then, making up her mind , she took destiny into her hands. Against hope, against time, Chidera made up her mind to succeed in life. Through self studies and great determination, she conquered her fears. Chidera grew so great until she became the …


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