Never Underestimate A Woman

Never Underestimate A Woman …


Darling, there’s something  You Need To Know About Learning To Walk With Others… you will agree with me that we are where we are today as a result of the wrong decisions you made . You are who you are today as a result of the decisions you took I need the past. And now, our lives are being affected negatively  as a result of the decisions you took in the past; Jacinta cried. Why are you blaming me now? So because everything went wrong, you are now considering it all my fault; right ? Well, I don’t blame you; Ralph charged back.

Never Underestimate A Woman

That I’m a woman does not make me stupid; for Christ sake while don’t you allow me to help you; after all , the Bible even called us ( women) help mate. I have great idea that can help you regain trust from people.

Nonsense, you are just a woman; what do you know that you want to tell me;  I am telling you that I don’t know what I have done wrong because lots of people that usually look up to me before no longer believe in me; Ralph said as began crying like a child.

Darling, never underestimate a woman ;  you can still correct the wrongs; please give me a chance to educate you on how to win back people’s trust; Jacinta begged.

Alright I’m all ears and I’m only giving you 15 minutes to educate me on what to do but make sure your talk make sense; otherwise…

Thank you darling:  You see, time is the currency of life, they say; but people are the soul of business, you should know. Well, lets explain it. Everyday has twenty-four hours, if you waste the twenty-four hours and the day is gone, it’ll be gone for ever. You will only be left with the twenty-four hours of the following day, and the days after it. And what about people? For everything you do in life, your success or failure would depend on the number of people who believe in you and are getting on with you.

This said, it then means you need people. People have to patronize your business; people have to listen to your presentation. But this can never happen if you don’t get along well with them. Not getting along well with people doesn’t mean hating them or not liking their ways. It simply means knowing how to get them to like and accept you.

Getting people to buy into your person or business is not a herculean task. All that is required is that you be yourself, and make them see what they stand to gain by being in your train. Make them see that you accept them genuinely, and that you think they are the best. And of course, they are the best, no pretences.

Here are six steps to walking with others

  1. Know what people wants from you: every human being carries a unique traits about them that would serve to better the other. Get to know what yours is and harness it; be the expert in your field. Act like you are the sole possessor of that thing they admire about you.

  2. Define your crowd: you cannot get along with everyone, much as you cannot be at logger heads with everyone either. As there are different faces so there are different characters. Get to know the people you can tag along with, and bring them constantly into your party. Once you accept them, celebrate them.

  3. People will always be people: in less than two minutes of your interracting with others, you can be certain 80% of them believe they have an insight into your personality type. They begin to judge you whether or not they can agree with your phylosophy, or if they could get along well with you. Once they think there is something about you they don’t agree with, then you’ve lost them. Play your card well for all to see, no compromise.

  4. People will accept you when you accept yourself: there is no need to fake anything. People have got a way of seeing through any facade you put up. Com’n, you cannot be like the next guy, you can only be you! So, deliver the task you were created to deliver. If you have no idea what that task, look inside of you.

  5. Learn to tolerate others: yes, you’ll find them in different characters. Accept them as they are, and do not force them into the kind of personality you would rather they exhibit. Some characters would actually piss you off, but what’s important is if they think they believe in your ideals, and are willing to get on with you. Don’t forget you don’t have the best character either.

  6. Just be yourself: the most important thing is that you live life simply haven fun with yourself. Once you are not out to hurt anyone, don’t forget you owe yourself a lot of attention and good time. People have a way of sensing that you are having a wonderful moment with yourself. Once this is the case, they have every reason to trust you as you are your own number one fan.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these steps and increase the number of people who believe in you.

Oh my God, thanks darling; not only have I learned how to make people believe in me, I have also learnt this : Never Underestimate A Woman ;Ralph said to his wife.

Never Underestimate A Woman


Never Underestimate A Woman … written by Gloria Okezie-Okafor

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