How Long Distance Relationship Almost Ruined Me

Long distance relationship is a fifty fifty chance; because it has worked for some… yet it hasn’t worked for some. ┬áLong distance relationship if well managed can turn out to be sweet… this I know but if not well managed, long distance relationship can hurt, disappointment, long distance relationship can make you cry.

I am writing this because I know that sometimes in life, we are faced with depressing issues. Especially issues that has to do with our emotions. Maybe, a broken marriage, a relationship didn’t work out well; a betrayal by a man/ woman so dear to you or perhaps you have been abandoned by friends.

Maybe things have really gone bad that you are almost giving up in life. No one seem to understand you anymore. It is beginning to look like you are gradually running mad. You think your world is coming to an end and no one want you anymore; you are now feeling lonely.

long distance relationship

This is my story…my experience on long distance relationship …

Uche a guy I met during my national youth service days. We became so close …too close that we started dating. Uche was everything I needed in a man and trust me, I did my best to be his perfect woman. No doubt things were not going very well for Uche but I supported in the little way that I can.

Nevertheless, we got married in a very small way. I remembered that very day; the wedding ceremony took place on my birthday on that sunny bright afternoon.

Uche was always complaining of the hardship we were facing and then, he started making plans to to travel abroad. I objected at first because our marriage is less than three months and we haven’t gotten any kid but in the long run, Uche was able to convince me ; he gave me strong reasons why he should go abroad.

I started gathering all I had, sold some of my items, collected more money from friends and family just to support Uche on his movement.

I remembered the very day he traveled, I almost cried my eyes out at he airport. Three days after, he called on after arriving in the new country… the land flowing with milk and honey… I was too happy hearing my husband’s voice. He suggested I move out of our matrimonial home and move to his elder sister house so I don’t feel ┬álonely. I did see anything bad in what he said and so, I moved without thinking.

It was not long before his sister start treating my like a house help. She orders me around like I was her maid. I reached out to Auchincloss my husband via phone but he assured me all will be well.

To cut the story short, five years have past and Uche haven’t stepped his feet in Nigeria. To make things worse, I saw the picture he secretly sent to his sister… Uche is happily married to a white woman and they are blessed with three kids. I cried my eyes out.. I couldn’t hold myself any more, so I called Uche… he couldn’t deny it because the pictures are right in my hands. All he could say is he I see sorry.

Long distance relationship, I will never advise any one to go into it. I finally moved out of his sister’ house but I was really depressed and confused.

Which way to go? What is the point of living; I asked myself. I am now contemplating harming myself including taking my own life because of the negatives things happening around me. At this point , I am really depressed.

Note This … Depression is a silent killer

It crawls in gradually like a snail and if nothing is done early enough, it arises as an edifice in it victim.

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; so, nothing is worth causing you or making you feel so depressed. In the journey of your personal development & life, you must learn to fight this silent killer called depression .

How To Deal With Depression

Speak out:- This is certainly the first thing to do. Don’t die in silence, don’t allow depression consume you . Please speak out ; let people know what you are passing through and get help.

Believe in God:- Actually believing in God and getting closer to your faith will do you lots of good. Gods word have the power to heal you completely.Whenever you feel depressed just remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Get the support from your family and loved one:- having a supportive family and friends will definitely help you to deal with depression. It has helped a lot of other people I know.

Love and Believe in yourself:- Always tell yourself that this is not the end oh you for your best is yet to come. Also, surround yourself with love and family members…those that truly care about you.

Be yourself:- Don’t try to impress anyone. Be yourself and live according to your income. Generate happiness from inside of you. Always remember that nothing is worth dying for.

Depression : if well managed , is not going to be the end of you for many have gone through it and have come out successful well and strong. So you too can.

Close your eyes and smile to yourself…take a deep breath and begin to see hope again. Forget the past and press on further in life.

God bless you.

Long distance relationship …written by chichi

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