Leave your confort zone

When you keep doing things in the same way and same time and you are not getting any positive result; you have to leave your CONFORT zone .There are times in life when things seem not to be happening the way we plan. Maybe in your Business , Relationship, day to day life… Just that time when things are not really going well as you wished. That time when things seemed to have taken another turn . Those times when things are not going the way you want; it look like all hope is gone; help seem so far. Things are so bad that one is beginning to feel out of this world and desperately needs a change in the situation at hand. Not knowing what to do or who to turn to. Perharps, you have asked so many questions but there’s no cogent answer. No money, no food , no friends ,loneliness have set in. Your eyes are so full of tears as a result of crying.

Your Confort zone


Leave Your Confort Zone

  1. Give yourself a little break :- if things are not working in your life the way you plan, you need to have a little break to figure out what the problem is. Try to find out how you got to this point. Remember a problem known is half solved.
  2. Take one day at a time:- in order not to break down, try and take things easy. Don’t choke yourself with worrying.
  3.  Talk to someone about the things bothering you. But if there’s no friend or family member to talk with, go out side of your house and look up in the sky. One thing you must do is never stay all alone at such times. Avoid staying all alone at home this will really help.
  4. Change your CONFORT ZONE. This is the pick of it all. It works  magical like sweet weddings. You will succeed better when you leave your CONFORT zone. Perhaps you have been too long in where you are and lackadaisical attitude have set in and have made you unproductive or less productive. Hey friend, better things are still happening. You really need a change of location ; where you can you can meet new opportunities in life.

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