I Don’t Want A Divorce

Please, I Don’t Want A Divorce …

I understand that divorce takes place when both parties, the man and his wife can no longer tolerate each other. I also understand that when such times comes  the fault might be from the man or even is wife.

But I will like to take up this write up from the point of the man maltreating his wife.

Just sometimes when everything falls apart especially in the home. That time when there’s lot of shouting and yelling in the home. And the shouting progressed to the point of the man beating the woman. The woman he is suppose to love and cherish. That moment when he turns her into a punching bag or his boxing mate.

I don't want a divorce



Beating a woman and telling her to leave your house does not make you a super hero. Domestic violence is not a thing to celebrate but paraventure one finds ones self in a place like this , a place where one seem to not to know what to do. A place where perhaps the man want a divorce but the woman is saying no to divorce.

Why Couples Divorce

  1. Sexual infidelity
  2. Lack for communication
  3. Lack of compatibility
  4. Lack of trust
  5. Inability to satisfy your partner sexually…  and the list goes on.


Praise God there is hope.


The answer to this is YES. A marriage can survive challenging times. Although, this might take a lots of hard work especially when both parties are not agreeing. Shall two work together except they agree? It is our responsibility to build a happy home. You want to keep your marriage but your partner is not agreeing with you.

I Don’t Want A Divorce I Want A Happy Home

  1. To Save a marriage, you need to sit back and figure out what led to all the problems. How and where did it start from, for it was not like this from the begging.
  2. Don’t reduce yourself to begging your husband to give you a second chance. Common baby, grow up and have some self value for yourself and don’t cheapen yourself. You are too special to be reduced to nothing.
  3. Talk to a trusted and matured friend that have your interest at heart.
  4. Take care of yourself , look good and learn to be independent.
  5. Don’t Commonise the place of Prayer :- For God Almighty is the only one that have the power to change any situation.



Do all you can do and then, go into your war room and ask God to do the rest. Do all you can and trust God Almighty to do the rest. Amen

I don’t want a divorce … written by Chichi.

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God bless you.

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