How To Receive Criticism

How To Receive Criticism and Make It Work For You. Do not bother talking back to those that criticize you . Those that never see any good in the things you do or even those that thinks they know you.

Sometimes at our work place, we come across those that never find anything  good in us. They pick on us and complain even at the slightest mistake we make. It might be a colleague, a supervisor or even the boss. They are just insatiable ; they never get pleased no matter what we do.

In the journey of your personal development, your major concern should be how to improve yourself. Don’t even pray that your critics should die or be sacked; that is not necessarily.

 How To Receive Criticism and Make It Work For You

 Dealing with criticism at work.

  1. Firstly, listen to their criticism and see if they are right in what they are saying. If they are right then, make amends and change for good. But if otherwise, ignore them.
  2. Secondly, you should bear in mind and see it from the positive side; tell yourself : your critics are not there for your downfall but for your uplifting. So , enjoy their criticism no matter how hard it is.
  3. Never show anger:- No matter how bad you were treated at your work place, you should learn to smile. Let there be a touch of professionalism in the way you carry yourself and in the way you do your job .
  4. You have to learn to be smart in everything you do:- In the journey of your personal development, even though you are working for someone, you have to smartly map out some strategies on how you wished to accomplish things in your life. Don’t work blindly, you owe yourself a duty to carefully observe possible way to accomplish you set person goals.
  5. Become good at what you do. Work to improve your self and become the best. Get more information about your job and work like a professional.
  6. Don’t ever relate with  your critics as friends; instead, relate with them strictly as colleague.
  7. Act professionally in all you do, keep to time, dress smartly and never be lazy.
  8. Program your mind to succeed and enjoy yourself at all times.




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How to receive criticism: written by Chichi

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