How To Mind Your Own Business

How to mind your own business

As you prepare to start your own family, one thing you should never do is to put your friends interest before that of  your spouse’s . Indeed, time may end friendship but family never end. So, your family comes first.

Family is everything. Unlike friendship that can end in the cause of time, family last forever. Don’t ever commonize your family. Don’t take your family for granted. Don’t ever choose friendship over your family. You can easily change your friends but you can’t easily change your family. So again, family is everything.

We meet new friends everyday but we don’t meet new family member everyday except a new child is born into the family .

Some wicked friend leaves us even when we needed them the most BUT our family is always there for us ; they never go away.

How to mind your own business

That is why it is very important to define a friendship the moment it starts. Try and relate well with people especially family members. To maintain a good and healthy relationship, you need to learn how to mind your own business and respect other peoples privacy and feeling. 

Run away from any friend that ask you to leave your family. Your family is special. Don’t even prefer another family over your own because every family is unique in it own way . You need to choose your family first . You need to make your family that special place to be. Everyone have got a part to play in the home.

How to mind your own business


Unity and Love should be the focus words in every family. Remember , “divided we fall but United we stand” .

Husband and wife should love each other and smile before their kid(s). Enjoy things in your home together, play with your kid(s). Don’t try to make your home like your friend’s home; create your own style.

And always remember friendship might change but family never change. God bless you.

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