How to define yourself? Do you just accept anything and everything that comes to you? Do you say yes to everyone and to everything ? Do you try to please someone even at your own detriment?

In the world we are living in, one of the things we must learn to do is to define ourselves, we must learn to draw the curtain  by letting those we come in contact with to know what we stand for; our  dos and don’ts.

How To Define Yourself

If you don’t define yourself then you must be ready to accept everything that come your way. And guess what , if you don’t define yourself, the damages you will face might be very expensive.

I give you a short story to buttress this point . A generous Boss had two staffs working directly under him. This Boss likes coffee a lot and each time he buys himself a cup of coffee, he generously buy for for the two staffs working with him.

One of the staffs, told him(the Boss) outrightly  he doesn’t take coffee and so the boss ordered that his drink be changed . The second staff accepted  the coffee just to please the boss . When no one was watching, he will quickly empty it content on the ground.

He did not want to offend his Boss ; he wanted to please his Boss by accepting everything ; pretending he loves taking coffee.

Well, this continued for several months ;  one day, as usual, the Boss gave him a cup of coffee. As soon as he sensed his that his Boss had turned his back. Quickly, he opened the cup and started emptying it on the ground. But luck was not on his side on this day.

His boss turned; caught him red-handed and asked him why was doing that. With a stammering voice , he told his Boss how he never liked coffee.

The Boss got really angry with him for not telling him the truth from the very first day. Guess what he lost the trust the Boss once had for him


  1. Know yourself : when you know yourself , you will know the things that are good for you. You will know the things you can accept.How to define yourself.
  2. Have a mind of your own:  Become a person of matured character . Refuse to be tossed to and fro. You really must know when to draw the curtain .  
  3. Value yourself .   You will begin to gain the trust of people when you place a great value on yourself ; you will gain more trust when you define yourself . Be thankful for who you are.

God bless you.





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