How To Balance Family And Work

Ever wondered how to balance family and work? Sometime, we allow the issues of life to choke us. So much to do that we don’t seem to know where to start from.

How to balance family and work

How To Balance Family And Work

How Well Do You Balance Work And Family Life. Truely, balancing work and family can sometimes be a very hard nut to crack . Because there are times when we just have so much to do; so very much that we can’t really figure out what to do first. Sometimes, we even cry out: where is God? can you not see what I’m going through?

Woman Struggles To Balance Family And Work

A very big thumbs up to all mothers, especially working mother that have both family and work to cater for. So much work on the desk, children to cater for, what to cook for dinner? so much that ones head feels like bursting .

Tips For Balancing Work And Home Life

Here are some tips on how to balance family and work.

  1. Relax, things will surely get better; only recognize the fact that you are just a human and you can’t do it all.
  2. Take one thing at a go and start from where you are.
  3. Make God your starting and finishing point. Don’t just get up from your bed without a word of prayer to ask God to guild and take care of your day . And at night time, before bedtime, ask God for peace and strength in order to effectively carry our your responsibility schedule for the next day.
  4. Share your challenges with a trusted and more experience person and get help.
  5. You have to realize that whatever you are going through is just a phase and it will not last for ever. For soon, you kids/ children will grow up to do things for themselves .
  6. Never be hard on yourself, instead, commend yourself for your effort , smile and encourage yourself to keep forging ahead.


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