How I Spent My Valentine Day

How I Spent My Valentine Day

As I woke up this morning, I was too greatful to God for the beautiful life he has given me. I prayed and thanked him for every beautiful thing he has done and the many many many more good things that are coming my way Amen. The weather was really cold and chilling ; you know that kind of winter morning. But thank God it’s a special day , special one at that. Hurray, it is Valentine’s day. Valentine day on special Tuesday … hmmm, this is double portion . VALENTINE ; I call it a special Valentine.


How I Spent My Valentine

I heard from a man of God that until you do something you have never done before you will never get a new result. I decided to try my faith by doing something new.

I prayed and fasted like I have never done before ; trusting the Holy Spirit to keep directing my path. As simple as this may sound, in turn, the lord gave me an amazing gift that left my mouth wide open . My husband gave me a surprised gift of a laptop. Something I have longed desired. Something I have long wished for.


As a wife, it’s important you take charge, daily praying is for your husband and children. Daily pray for your environmental and needs. I chose to exercise my faith and a beautiful laptop was presented to me by my darling husband. What a miracle I called it.

To keep the spark alive in your marriage, you need to stand your ground and commit your activities to the Lord God Almighty.

I am full of thanks to God Almighty who crowned my little move and bless all because he chose to . Now, to crown it all my family and I spent some quality time in a restaurant in Tokyo. The food was really good I must say and the views, wow it’s worth the time. What a day? a special Valentine I called it.

I am just loving my special valentine gift. The special gift from my darling husband to me. May God Almighty keep blessing my husband all the years of his life Amen.

Note here : don’t ever joke with your prayer life for great things happens the moment you engage yourself in fervent prayer.Read More here on: Overcoming Obstacles In Life.

Happy Valentine To You.

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