Encouraging Words

Encouraging Words … Getting the result is the first and the only thing…

Don’t worry things will get better. Being worried might cause you pain and trouble; even trouble that will lead to another trouble. Being worried will not improve your life; when one is worried, that person might develop high blood pressure. Most time, people worry about family, friends,jobs… and the list goes on and on. Today, I will be sharing with you an important information; some encouraging words, something that will be of great help to you.

Encouraging words 

Ever wondered why your boss is always getting at you when you supposedly under perform? Could it be the same reason your nagging spouse never cease to cry out when he or she expects more and didn’t get that? Or maybe your closest buddies who used to watch your back now goes about town telling anyone who cared that you are a fall guy? Perhaps, your children don’t show you respect anymore. I don’t know what your experience is, but it seem everyone who happens to be around us wants something out of us.

But lets face it: we, too, wants something out of others, or maybe ourselves –whatever that thing is. The crux of the matter is –like they say: no man is an Island; life is a game of give and take. So, why are you not getting all the happiness in your career if you think you are on the right path? What about your marriage, why are you getting frustrated about that as well? Or, we could just say it is your relationship with others that’s giving you the most headache.

I used to think I have all the answers to the puzzle until recently when I peeped into my life and the life of those around me.

Encouraging Words

Encouraging Words – This Will Make You Live A Happy Life

I found out that those we consider as being happy are those achieving their set goals in whatever endeavour they pursue.

These individuals are those pursuing a career, a relationship, running a business, or whatever it is they are into. I found out too, that those who are not happy are those who are yet to meet set goals in their area of interest –whatever that may be.

Encouraging Words …

So then, if getting results in our field of interest is what determines our happiness or sadness in life, why are we not getting results? This problem can be looked at from two stance. One is defining yourself. The second is defining your contribution to life and people. As simple as the above may sound, they mark the difference between those who achieve, and those who don’t yet achieve.

Defining yourself will always lead to understanding your contribution to life, others, and yourself. Defining yourself will make you see : Why you do , What you do , When you do , Where you do , How you do.

Encouraging words : Don’t suffer in silence… 

Now, lets get to business: who are you? It’s amazing how most of us go through life not being able to define in one word: ‘who am I?’

To make it more explicit: defining yourself is just a way to tell yourself the thing you want to be known for. The whole idea is that this one thing for which you would love to be known for, is the one sane thing that you would want to give to others as product or service, and which would rake in the reward and make your life meaningful. This thing –whatever it is that you are capable of giving or making –is not something you keep to yourself, but that which you give in other to get results –positive results. Encouraging Words

So if you want to get results, if you want to make your life more meaningful, you must give something positive to someone or others, and in good measure. And in the case of a relationship, you might be giving your time, attention, and affection. Hence, determine your expected result by the action you continually give.

Encouraging Words –


A financial result would mean you putting in your best in your career or business. A personal result could mean developing your skills. From the foregoing therefore, decide today to put in something positive in the area you wish to get good results.

Encouraging Words :



Believe in yourself.

Things get better with time.

Even if you failed yesterday, learn something from your past.

Face the future with hope.

See the possibility in today.

Your tomorrow is pregnant with beautiful things.

Challenge yourself to bring out the best in you.

Say no to the things that won’t add value to your life.

Even when no one believe in you, believe in yourself.



Written by Gloria Okezie – Okafor.

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