Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement : how much of your time do you really put in the job you are doing? remember, unemployment is real and do many others are looking for a job including the one you have. So , as an employee, how much value do you place in the job you do? Do you work with all diligence or do you work like you don’t care?

How To Be More Engaged With A Job. What ever your hands finds doing, do it with all diligence.  The Secret Trick Of Making Money is to be happy in the job you are doing while you look for ways to improve yourself.

Laziness truly will make a person to suffer. Amazingly these days, not everyone is willing to work to earn a clean money. No, some people just want to sit in the COMFORT of their house; relaxing on their couch doing nothing yet, they wish to be rich . Quick money is all they ever want.

How To Be More Engaged With A Job


Employee Engagement : How To Be More Engaged With A Job

Several years ago, my mentor told me that money is like a spirit and it only gravitate towards a person a vision . He further told me that quick money vanishes quickly.

Most people don’t want to start small but they want to hit it BIG TIME. They don’t want to do the so called hard or dirty jobs .

Some young ones don’t want to go to school and get a life but all they want is to hit it big time. Some graduates are busy walking up and down with their certificates; I have a Degree in this , a Masters in that and a Ph.D. in … , How can I become a teacher, a farmer, a bricklayer , how can I do a dirty job  …, I deserve to work in a Bank, Oil and Gas company  … I want to get the job of the Manager …hmmmm.

How To Be More Engaged With A Job

Well, there is nothing wrong in starting big if luck be on your side. But instead of waiting and wasting , why not get something small and begin from there and grow big. Most jobs are tough and dirty but some one will surely do them. All that matters is packaging ; carrying yourself with elegance no matter the job you are doing. The most important thing is to have food on your table and provide shelter for your love ones.

Don’t commonize any job for every job have got it reward; there is treasure deposited in every job. Life is a process, sometimes to be served, we must first serve others. Do not despise the days of little beginning . Don’t allow shame, laziness and what people will say rob you off of what you are supposed to do.

In the journey of your personal development, you need money to survive . Enjoy the job you are doing and add class to it. You can be a classy tailor , a classy farmer, a carpenter with style… Don’t ever commonize your job for it is what have put food on your table.

Employee Engagement … written by Chichi

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