In life , one have to be very carefull. Carefull about everything and never neglecting anything especially the things that can affect our lives, bodies and emotions.

It is quite alarming at the rate of suicide that is been committed as well as the alarming rate of obesity which is mostly caused by eating disorder , domestic violence and depression .

It is very important to learn to take care of your life; especially when you have it in mind to go into a relationship or marriage. In this modern times, it’s important to watch what you eat as well as watch and control your emotions so as not to get depressed in Life.


For the purpose of this blog, I wish to focus more of how the above problem can be tackled.

Taking Charge Of Your Life

Until we learn to take fully charge of our lives, things will forever remain the same.

Here’s the deal, deal immediately with any challenge that comes your way. Don’t give any problem the room to weigh you down.


When you feel depressed, don’t think of committing suicide; also, don’t start eating anyhow without control. This is not the way out.

Words Have Power : Over time, it has been proven that your life will go in the direction of your words. If you say you are depressed, then you will be depressed. But if you consider less how you feel and constantly tell yourself that ; I refuse to be depressed, I refuse to eat anyhow, I refuse things that can harm my body… if you constantly speak positive words to yourself, it will not be long, you will see yourself having a better life.

One thing you should know is this : in combating depression, you have a major roll to play. You have a part to play in order to speed up your recovery.

This is the point : Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.

Just with spoken words, God created the heavens and the earth. He spoke and everything came into being. That show us how powerful words really are.

You too, have the power inside of you. If you say to yourself, I am going to have a beautiful life, then , your life will be beautiful. On the other hand, if you keep saying negative words like ; your life is hopeless then, there will be no hope for you.

Word(s) is everything.

It s very important to start early to begin to speak positive words to yourself . Say no to depression, say no to suicide and eating disorders. Take charge of your life and become a new person, be the best you can be. In this time and age, most men’s like their wife to be smart.

Remember, you are the product of your word; so, learn to speak the right words to yourself everyday and completely take charge of your life. God bless you.

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