Are you the type that can’t do the things you are suppose to do all because you don’t know what people will say. Are you the type that don’t have  a mind of your own? living your life everyday  trying to please everyone. Wasting your time pleasing them.

Are you one of the type that is always saying yes to everybody ? Saying yes to everything; so as not to offend  anyone.

Nodding your head and saying yes to everything; so that people can call you a good person.

You go to places you are not suppose to go with your so called friends all because you want to please them.

Do you keep calm when you see a bad thing just because you are too afraid  to offend some people?

Please everybody

Are the kind that is trying to please everyone in order to be in their good record . Not wanting to offend anyone, ever seeking for man’s approval before you can do or say anything.

Ever smiling outwardly but deep down in you, you know that you are not happy.

Well, I have two questions for you.

  1. Are suppose to be a people pleaser or God pleaser?

  2. Are you suppose to live your life doing all that you are not proud of but all because you want to please your friend(s) and those around you?


The truth is that no matter how much you try or do things, you can never please everybody. So, why waste your time trying to please everyone?

Inferiority complex is the main reason why a person is forever an ” oh yes person”  living a life trying to please everyone.

You have to make it a conscious effort to live your life “ONLY PLEASING GOD” because you are the light of the world. God is the only one that is worth pleasing.

Dont be afraid of anyone. Be yourself. Live your life to the fullest; only doing things that are pleasing to God and God alone.

Great things will start happening in your life when you start living a life that is pleasing to God alone. Always remember , you are the light of the world, so, make your light shine brighter.

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