Are You Financially On Track For Retirement ?

Are You Financially On Track For Retirement?

The journey of your personal development is a journey without end. As long as you live , you are required to daily add value to your life as a person. The question today is : Are You Financially On Track For Retirement?

Now that you think you are still young and vibrant, now that little or  much is coming to you, what are your plans for your life? Are you completely living so large today completely forgetting your tomorrow.

What are the financial planning of your life? Have you considered that time of your life when you might not be too fit to work for others; who will you run too for financial assistance? Who will help you out.

Are You Financially On Track For Retirement?

Have you considered building your life? Have you thought about old age? Have you thought about the wellbeing of your loved ones? How long do you wish to work for others? How long do you want your boss to continue to determine your salary for you? I am sure you won’t want to live your old age life at the mercy of your children or relations.

Are You Financially On Track For Retirement?

Listen dear friend, it is very important to start early enough to plan for you financial retirement. This is the time to invest in your life; build it quickly so that at the age of sixty, you won’t be found still building.

3 Major Ways To Plan For A Financial Retirement

  1. Save :- There is no strict rule to how much you are required to save but you can challenge and discipline yourself enough to save  at least 15% of you income in every month .
  2. Have your own business  :- No matter how little, start up your own business and let your business grow with you. Even if you choose to work for someone for the rest of your life, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to have a mini business. Come to think of it, if well managed, your own business will fetch you an additional income.
  3. Invest in human capital:-  Use your experience to write books that will benefit generation to come. God bless you.


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